FORWARD has been at the heart of our agency since the very beginning. Forward is progress, innovation, and a relentless curiosity for what’s next.

Our creatalytical approach combines creative discovery and analytical expertise to identify pent up demand and create informed offers that satisfy.

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Meet the Blu Team

Chad Stubbs

Chief Innovator

Jaime Echols

Chief Data Officer

Jason Edwards

Chief Creative Officer

Tiffany Young


Jenn Brister

Digital Strategist

Marci Sheppard

Director of Account Management

Trey Murphy

Digital Strategist

Steve Pollock


Janie Walters

Janie Walters

Account Manager

Bradford Stewart

Account Coordinator

Kevin Coles

Design Streamliner

Bryn Murphy

Junior Digital Strategist

John John Dunn

Production Specialist

Mike Bowman

Mike Bowman

IT Specialist

Mike Bowman

Katie Genetti

Account Coordinator/Creative Designer

Sydney Lee Floyd

Art Director

“Blu sets the new standard for creative, analytical, and strategic digital and social implementation. Together our teams have produced successful campaigns, but we fully believe the best is yet to come.”

William L. Koleszar

Chief Marketing Officer, National Spine and Pain Centers

Let’s spark change together