It’s a simple truth: people don’t buy products.

They buy dreams. They buy values. They buy emotions. They buy a product based on how it makes them feel, on whether it resonates with their heart and mind, or if they identify with it. And although there must also be rational benefits–the unique selling points that make your product different—to back up the emotional impulse, connecting to the core of the person you’re selling to is a must to get them to make a purchase.

It has been proven that appealing to a person’s emotional side causes them to remember the rational benefits better than if the rational benefits are presented alone.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

Simon Sinek

Author, "Start with Why"

When creating marketing initiatives, it’s important to start with the why. Why are you in business? Why should people care about your product or service? That’s how you get to the root of the dreams and values that will make your customers buy.  Once you’ve hooked them with that, then you can highlight the rational how–how you demonstrate your values and purpose, how your product is different, and what your unique selling propositions are.

When you connect first to your customers’ dreams, values, and emotions before playing on their rational minds—well, you can sit back and watch as your sales go through the roof.

Check out Mr. Sinek’s Ted Talk for an in-depth look at the Golden Circle and why starting with Why is vital to your brand’s success.

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