Brands often report on marketing spends by focusing on the average. Average ticket, average transaction size, etc. While we have all embraced financial accountability in marketing as it is simply the new reality, should how we report shape how we market?

Maybe a better question is: can you build an exceptional brand by focusing on the average? Maybe we should take a different perspective and ask the best question for our brands and their bottom lines: how do we get bigger transactions from our big spenders and find more people just like them?

Big spenders are influencers on others and can help lead your brand to the promised land.

Blu’s Brandwashing solution is built on proven approaches just like this—targeting the big spenders who not only have the highest preference for your brand, but the capacity to spend big and spend often.

Through a detailed data construct we call our Brand Preference Index, we analyze and score up to 3,000 consumer data points to identify profitable customers and prospects for your specific brand. We then leverage those same data findings to create engagements that expose those select individuals to brand content that both warms the heart (emotional triggers) and convinces the mind (rational triggers.)

With this sustained “selective exposure theory,” your brand is “always on” in your most profitable consumers’ brains, turning familiarity into preference and driving bigger profits for your bottom line.

So if you want average sales, keep focusing on the average. But if you want to build your bottom line bigger, get ready to spend a little more time on the big spenders.

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