Imagine you’re standing in a frozen yogurt shop. There are 15 yogurt flavors to choose from, 47 topping choices, and 3 sizes—that is 497,025 choices—so the only thing that limits you in your creation is your imagination and how much you want to pay for the weight of the masterpiece you’re about to eat. But what if, instead of standing around for 15 indecisive minutes, when you walked in the door, the clerk remembered your FROYO creation from your previous visits and she had your craving in a cup ready for you when you walked in?

I bet that would give you some pretty warm fuzzies for that brand and you’d keep coming back for more. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and with so many choices and advertisements barraging customers each and every day, standing out means understanding what preferences shape and drive consumers’ behavior and using that information to develop the right messaging and content to get them to the sales counter and spend more when they’re there.

That’s what Brandwashing does. It turns preferences into profit by predicting the needs of your customers before they even make a transaction. And that’s a pretty sweet place to be.

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