Do you ever get in your car and your phone “guesses” your next destination and provides maps, traffic information, and other suggestions? It can be king of freaky at first and it’s not 100% correct with every prediction, but it is correct most of the time—and rather handy.

How does it know what to predict?

Your past behavior is a pattern of time, travel, and place. By modeling data elements of time stamps, location devices, and your past travel pattern history, smart phone providers create value by predicting your future travel based on past travel patterns and where you are right now.

Your smartphone is sending a continual stream of your behaviors into the cloud with every choice you make. Each app you open, purchase you make, page you select, and destination you travel says something about your preference, capacity to spend, and future intent.

That's what makes smartphones smart.

Data-driven preference modeling using predictive math that makes your life easier.

We at blu combine these same streams of data with other streams of data—like your customer data, demographic info, behavioral layers, and credit and consumption capacity—to create a reservoir of actionable, predictable scenarios for the brands we represent. We then leverage all of that intel to create fully integrated brand engagement strategies on a person-based level that influences and guides high profit consumers through your brand’s customer journey. Simply put, we call it Brandwashing: the art and science of brand persuasion.

So if you think your smartphone is smart, just wait and see what your customers and prospects will think of your brand when we get done with it.

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